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Progression / Development

A. Background:

A few number of Ethiopian Muslim brothers initiated to study Islam in a small group. Such study session (‘halaqa’) continued for a number of months, mostly in one of the brothers’ house, where his wife unflinchingly serving snacks and beverages. This ‘halaqa’ group strived hard to call other Ethiopian muslim  brothers to the study group and, for that matter, to ‘masjid’ as well for prayer, making ‘jawla’ (visiting ) at their convenience and/or availability.

B.  Inception:

On May 30, 1995, the group came to a unanimous decision to form an association so that the Ethiopian muslims may come together to facilitate and enhance their religious studies and social interaction, and thereby disseminate the Islamic knowledge and values, abided by the Quranic Principle (commandment): “No compulsion in religion” (‘La ikraha fiddeen’), which directly or indirectly encompasses tolerance and peaceful co-existence whenever there are differences in belief, for the Quran says,”Unto you your religion,and unto me my religion”(‘Lekum deenukum waliya deen’), and yet being compassionate and caring for all the creations of Our Sustainer, for the very fact that our role model, Muhammed (S.A.W), has been acknowledged by Allah (S.W.) saying,”We have sent you but as a mercy to the worlds”(Inna arsalnaka illa rahmatan lil alameen.”)

At its inception, the organization was named “Ethiopian Muslim Association in Las Vegas” for a while. Nonetheless, its tentative name changed to “Darul Iman Ethiopian Muslim Community, in Las Vegas” on December 8,1995. Ever since the formation of the organization, meetings have been conducted monthly. The meetings,for years, used to be held in each and every member's house in turn. The association was so concerned that it even not only emanated the idea but also hosted the first ever meeting for the conception and formation of International Ethiopian Muslim Association (Badr) on October 17 and 18,1998 when muslim brothers from only four states/ cities such as Las Vegas (NV), Seattle (WA), Portland (Oregon), and Phoenix (AZ) were assembled/attended.

C. Growth and Stability:

As of September 1, 2002, Darul Iman (DIEMC) rented an apartment and started its activities there. Among the significant and memorable activities beside the monthly meeting, but to mention one, has been the ‘Ramadan Iftar’(fast breaking ceremony).

The organization, making painstaking efforts, bought houses___ at different times___ among which the previous two had to be sold, for they could not fulfill the requirements in the county. However, the third one,which we own now,presumably,meets the requirements; and thus, the community is working for its licence. The property, as a matter of fact, is gorgeous and conducive: a good location, a big house with a very large lot for parking and the like.

After an unswerving endeavor, Darul Iman (DIEMC) also attained its Tax-Exempt status from IRS in April,2009. Darul Iman, which has about a 40 to  45 members at present carries out its function in coordination, applying the method of division of labor such that it has board of directors, executive committee, sub-committees, etc.

Darul Iman Ethiopian Muslim Community in Las Vegas, time and again, had done astounding fabulous jobs far and beyond the bounds of its association at numerous times and occasions when people in the society were in dire need of help: at least, for three  funeral expenses of deceased one's, who were a stranger and a non-member of Darul Iman; reasonable economic supports for patients and poverty-stricken ones, and so on; for the very reason that such is the dispensation of the noble cause it stands for.

Darul Iman Ethiopian Muslim Community, Las Vegas

Current Leaders of Darul Iman

2017 & 2018


Jemal Muzyen


Ibrahim Abdella

Vice President

Adele Mohammed


Akmel Hasend


Khlid Mussa




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